• Sing His Praises – An Interfaith Concert

    Somehow the people in charge of this Christmas concert found out that I shoot video and am not very adept at saying no. They therefore asked to come help them with their production. They didn’t seem to know exactly what they wanted from me, so I made the mistake of asking whether they wanted me… Read more »

  • Neil Simon’s Fools

    This was another bit of community theater I got to participate in. The same crew that produced Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night brought it about. You may notice a trend: I was once again cast as the villain–this time the nefarious Count Gregor Yousekevitch. Cathy Hoyt was once again our illustrious director. Here is the full cast… Read more »

  • SAG Awards, 2016 – People Magazine Photo Booth

    My old dear friend Pete got me a job as a lighting tech working for photographer Dani Brubaker, who was in turn hired by People Magazine to shoot their photo booth at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards. These are the photos we shot.   We spent all day putting together a rather complex lighting… Read more »

  • William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

    I acted in a community theater production of William Shakespeare’s popular comedy Twelfth Night. We put the show on 4 times, starting on the 12th of September, and running every Friday and Saturday night until the 20th. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was cast as Malvolio, the closest thing in the show to a villain. In something… Read more »

  • Los Angeles LDS Singles Film Festival Red Carpet

    The found out I have a camera, so I ended up shooting the red carpet entrance to the film festival. Here are the pics:

  • Two Gentlemen of Verona

    My dear friend Julie Hinton directed a production of Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona. She had me play one of the two fools, Launce. We did two runs, one performed inside the Westside Presbyterian Church in February, and the other inside of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Santa Monica 2nd Ward… Read more »

  • CaliforniaYSA Statewide Conference

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to which I belong, held a multi-day conference for single members between the ages of 18 and 31. I was asked to help by building a website for them (which was at, but at the time of this writing is no longer there). Later, I… Read more »

  • 12th Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange

    The magnificent Dave Broadbent (a.k.a. “Elfie”) held another white elephant gift party at the venerable Ohio House (where he no longer even lives, but I gather it was the only venue available) this past Thursday. Not wanting the festivities to go undocumented, I brought my camera. You may peruse the results below. 12th Annual White… Read more »

  • Dani, The Madam of Mayhem’s Birthday Bash

    The incomparable Dani Miller hosted a birthday party with a Roaring Twenties theme, and I, for my part, snapped a picture or two. Dani, The Madam of Mayhem’s Birthday Bash

  • The Company

    Every year the Mormon singles of the Los Angeles area get together and have a film festival. The movies are usually very short (the rules of the festival for the last several years have limited them to 4 minutes) and pretty silly. Most people just try to throw together a couple of gags and call… Read more »

  • July 4th, 2011 – The Sidewalk of Fire

      My best friend Max has a big, incredible family. They throw amazing events for major holidays, and happily for me, my infrequent visits home to Utah coincide with these events. Max’s older sister Maryann and her husband Paul have an annual 4th of July barbecue, after which they attempt to melt the asphalt of… Read more »

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel

    I managed to get myself involved in a play this Spring. I had notions of trying to direct a play myself (Shakespeare’s Twelth Night was the leading contender), only to discover that someone else was ramping up to do this one, and would probably be pulling from the same pool of actors that I would… Read more »

  • Christmas Morning with the Fitts

    The Fitts had the Stumphys over for Christmas brunch, and much jolliness ensued. Pictures below. Christmas Morning with the Fitts The pictures were all shot with a Canon 7D, mostly using the 18-135mm kit lens. Shutter speed was locked at 1/200 to avoid motion blur. I usually left it at the maximum aperture (somewhere between… Read more »

  • Christmas Morning with the Stumphys

    We kept it pretty simple this year…here’s the present opening ceremony Chez Stumphy. Christmas Morning with the Stumphys

  • Christmas Eve 2010 with the Fitts

    My best friend’s family is this really tight-knit group that, when together en masse, are ridiculously fun to be around. Every year one of their number provides a feast of Alaskan king crab, sausages, potatoes, and various other delectable yummies to the family. I have been a lucky invitee to more than one of these… Read more »

  • Homecoming 2010 – SM3 vs. LA1

    If you’re just here for the pictures, scroll to the bottom. So once again, I’m a member of the LDS church. You’ve heard us called the Mormons. Individual congregations of our church are called wards. Most wards have something like 200-300 people in them, I think. I’m also single. They have special wards for single… Read more »

  • Virgin Provocateur

    Another outing with the mighty 7D. A friend asked me to shoot a video for her to send as an application piece for a job working in marketing for Virgin Airlines.

  • Guerrilla Gallery: “Hiding”

    A couple of artist buddies of mine wanted to put on an art show. Not having any access to a building to use as a gallery posed no problem. They simply invaded the pedestrian tunnel under Olympic Boulevard at Selby Avenue in West Los Angeles. Kenny (one of the buddies) had me drop in with… Read more »

  • Voyage East

    So I have two best friends, who I’ve known since high school. It has become our habit to all fly to where one of us lives every Summer and spend some time together. This time, we descended on scenic Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where Sean is getting his doctorate in Computer Science. The last day… Read more »

  • Want Your Own Star Destroyer?

    I’m currently sitting in a basement in a lovely colonial home in Germantown, Maryland, guests of the older brother of my good friend Max Fitt. The older brother, Todd, is a nuclear reactor tech and father of two with a fantastic hobby: he builds scale models of Star Wars vehicles. We spent last eventing oohing… Read more »