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Every year the Mormon singles of the Los Angeles area get together and have a film festival. The movies are usually very short (the rules of the festival for the last several years have limited them to 4 minutes) and pretty silly. Most people just try to throw together a couple of gags and call it even.

This time around, however, an innovative young man called Kenny McNett decided to break new ground and make a serious movie. He tapped me to be the DP, and we spent a Saturday (or at least a good 16 hours of it) shooting his film. To fit it into the four-minute limit, it was written as two movies, the first with something of a cliffhanger ending that is meant to be continued. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Directed by Kenny McNett
Written by Samuel Douglas Miller
Story by Kenny McNett & Samuel Douglas Miller
Produced by Kenny McNett & Samuel Douglas Miller
Samuel Douglas Miller
Verona Masongsong
Kenny McNett
Meghan Stettler
Sean Summers
Casey McDonald
Corbin Frost
Director of Photography Matthew Stumphy
Editor David Broadbent
Art Direction & Production Design Kenny McNett
Asst. Production Design Mike Hamill
Sound and Grip Mike Hamill
Music Stephen J. Anderson
Re-Recording Mixer Justin Wikke
Makeup, Hair, & Special Makeup FX Melissa Parker
Smoke Effects Jeff Dickson
Stunt Choreography Verona Masongsong
Script Supervisor Melissa Parker
Craft Services Kelly Flanagan
Stung Driver Jihan Zencirli
Special Thanks Los Angeles 1st Ward YSA, Santa Monica 3rd Ward YSA, Lisa Bigelow, Tim and Stephen, Hailey and Rob