Sing His Praises – An Interfaith Concert

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Somehow the people in charge of this Christmas concert found out that I shoot video and am not very adept at saying no. They therefore asked to come help them with their production. They didn’t seem to know exactly what they wanted from me, so I made the mistake of asking whether they wanted me to make them a promotional video to advertise the concert, or if they just wanted me to record the actual singing. I don’t think they knew a commercial was on the table, but once they realized their good fortune, they agreed to both. Below you will find both the promotional video and the videos I shot of the performances. Enjoy.

Promo video:

Our Lady of the Angels Spanish Choir:

Southern California Korean Choir:

Long Beach 13th Ward Tongan Choir:

Christian Fellowship Chorale:

Long Beach 15th Ward Samoan Choir:

Saint Paul the Apostle New Schola Cantorum:

Hallelujah Chorus: