Wave – Spring Break

On the web http://skinsplex.com/shows/wave/
Age Restriction 14 (Explicit Language/Drug Use)
Release Date

I take a turn in front of the camera here in the 5th episode of Wave. Apparently I do a really creepy therapist voice.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1 Pilot
Episode 2 The Turn Around
Episode 3 Piss Jumpers
Episode 4 Sobriety is Tough
Episode 5 Spring Break
Episode 6 This Is Who I Am
Director Ian Skorodin
Producer Curtis Bridenstine, Joe Montague
Writer Patricia Gomes, Ian Skorodin
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Ian Skorodin
Roger 'BUNG' Bungalow Noah Watts
Robin Dana Hunt
Jerry Kristen Pickrell
Nick Amanda Greig
Therapist Matthew C. S. Julander
Jay Moskowitz Keith Saltojanes
Angie Sammi Levine
Derrick Isaac Alisma
Niko Henry Truong
Actress Maia Ortiz
Actor Blake Hogue
Teacher #1 Jonathan Goldman
Secretary Kelsey Bohlen
Party Person #1 Lady Armenta
Party Person #2 Amy Heyman
Party Person #3 Antonio Gilbreath
Party Person #4 Josh VanBuskirk
Party Person #5 Jerrod Heyman
Party Person #6 Shisonia Livingston
Party Person #7 Freddy John James
Party Person #8 Victor Salinas
Party Person #9 Kathryn Young
Party Person #10 Jen Tousey
Party Person #11 Joe Montague
Other Crew
Gaffer Josh VanBuskirk
Boom Operator David Morgan
Make Up Jen Tousey
Associate Producer Patricia Gomes
Music provided by Nickles & Bones