Wave – Piss Jumpers

IMDb Page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5213892/
On the web http://skinsplex.com/shows/wave-s1e3/
Age Restriction 14 (Explicit Language/Drug Use)
Release Date

Episode 3 of Wave saw us bringing a live band to play in what was actually the lunch room at Hamilton High School. We suspended LED panel lights from the ceiling using scissor clamps, and shot Kino Divas in from the side. Our lead actor, Noah Watts, is a fantastic guitar player (check out his band, Nickles & Bones), so he bought the stringed instruments for the girls to pretend to play. Though I’m nowhere near as accomplished as a musician, the drums were mine.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1 Pilot
Episode 2 The Turn Around
Episode 3 Piss Jumpers
Episode 4 Sobriety is Tough
Episode 5 Spring Break
Episode 6 This Is Who I Am
Director Ian Skorodin
Producer Curtis Bridenstine, Patricia Gomes
Writer Patricia Gomes, Ian Skorodin
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Ian Skorodin
Roger 'BUNG' Bungalow Noah Watts
Robin Dana Hunt
Rebecca Wyman Nicole Starrett
Amy Francesca Santoro
Brandy Leandra Ryan
Jerry Kristen Pickrell
Nick Amanda Greig
Jason Moskowitz Keith Saltojanes
Horror Actor Jacob Harper
Horror Actress Maia Ortiz
Scholnick Michael Anthony DiNuzzo
Student #1 Kiersten Steinhauer
Student #2 Janlyn Holden
Student #3 Hillery Gunner
Student #4 Ally Hammerquist
Student #5 Sungkha Hel
Student #6 Michael Horgan
Student #7 Justyn Richards
Student #8 Arhley Brazoban
Student #9 Jesse Felix
Student #10 Ellis Alexia Mimi Meng
Student #11 Reed Icarella
Other Crew
Opening Credit Sequence Spencer Armajo
Gaffer Josh VanBuskirk
Grips David Morgan, Carlton Hudson
Location Sound Janna R. Lopez Raven, Mark Richards
Production Coordinator Joe Montague
Make Up Shae Hardy, Jesse Yarborough
Music provided by Nickles & Bones, Well Hung Heart