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  • Feast of St. Thomas Uncovered

    This is one of my favorite Christmas Barrel movies. It’s the second of our “On Point with Todd Zestermann” episodes, and it deals with a traditional European holiday that falls into the Christmas season. We shot on my Sony FS700 at multiple locations and with substantially more cast than our productions usually involve.

  • I’m Going to be Mad

    Here’s a Christmas Barrel video devoted to the notion that while not everyone always gets what they want for Christmas, it’s best to avoid ingratitude. The song was “I’m Gonna Be Mad” was written and recorded by Physics Club. The video was shot on the Sony FS700 to make 240fps possible, with lighting coming from… Read more »

  • Research & Development

    Yet another in our series of North Pole Secrets sketches for Christmas Barrel, this one is one of my favorites. Nice work, Julie and Dan. Episode Guide Episode 1 Quality Control Room Episode 2 Shipping Room Episode 3 Santa’s Warehouse Episode 4 The Garage Episode 5 Research & Development Episode 6 Roadside Assistance Episode 7… Read more »

  • Christmas Slow Motion with Gravy

    When you need to make 24 videos in 24 days, sometimes you need an idea that you can crank out in a couple of hours. For this Christmas Barrel video, we took the FS700 out into the alley behind my apartment, set it to shoot 240 frames per second, threw up a light, and started… Read more »

  • The Garage

    One of my favorite North Pole Secrets sketches that we shot for Christmas Barrel, this one features a spirited performance by the only elf who is willing to stand up to Santa. Shot in front of a green screen on the FS700. Episode Guide Episode 1 Quality Control Room Episode 2 Shipping Room Episode 3… Read more »

  • And They Were Sore Afraid

    We shot part of this ridiculous Christmas Barrel sketch out in some desert/wilderness our director Mike Hammari was familiar with, and the other part on a theatrical stage inside of a church (perhaps rather fittingly) in front of a blue screen. I nearly wasn’t able to find the outdoor location in the middle of the… Read more »

  • Not Much of a Wonderland

    We shot the entirety of this delightful little music video on a green screen with my FS700. Our director, Mike Hammari, was the only one who knew how this was really all going to cut together and work with the backgrounds he was going to be adding in post, so I think he did quite… Read more »

  • Wave – Pilot

    The first episode in a web series that I shot for Ian Skorodin, Wave tells the story of a hard-drinking, gruff Native American sound man living and working in Hollywood. Shot on the Sony FS700 with Odyssey 7Q. The Wave series is exclusive content over at Ian’s, a web site full of movies, web… Read more »

  • Skins Sketch – Episode 2

    Skins Sketch, if it wasn’t obvious, is a web series of comedy sketches written and produced by Native Americans. The introductory music was provided by Well Hung Heart. A special thanks to iO WEST for letting us shoot in their bar. Our apologies for blowing that circuit, which then made some of the refrigeration units… Read more »

  • The Confrontation

    We shot this little Christmas Barrel sketch hand held on my Canon 7D. Nice job by actress Taryn Hough to carry the thing by herself for most of the time. Some of our longer lasting relationships started with this sketch. We first met actors Jeremiah Benjamin and Kurtis Anton on this show. If you look… Read more »

  • Krampus Uncovered

    This is the first of our “On Point with Todd Zestermann” episodes and our most popular Christmas Barrel movie. We shot this on my Canon 7D for the most part (one shot was done with my iPhone). I imagine part of the reason this sketch has a few more views on YouTube than some of… Read more »

  • The Burden of Being

    This short was made as part of the LA Skins Fest (a Native American film festival in Los Angeles) 48-hour shootout. It one best picture in the shootout competition. The director, Rod Pocowatchit, flew in from Kansas for just the two day shoot/post-production with us, so we had to have a lot of things squared… Read more »

  • How an Epic Movie Is Made

    This was the opening video played at the 2011 Los Angeles LDS Singles Film Festival on August 13th at the Santa Monica Stake Center. It wasn’t an entry into the festival, but rather a video meant to kick off the show. The shoot was on the evening of August 8th, but lasted well enough into… Read more »

  • The Many Adventures of Roger’s Genuine Corinthian Leather Wallet

    This was my senior project back in film school. It was mostly the brainchild of its director, Brandon Sawyer, but it was nice of him to let me tag along for the ride.