I’m Going to be Mad

On the web https://youtu.be/nigx6GtmwwE
Release Date

Here’s a Christmas Barrel video devoted to the notion that while not everyone always gets what they want for Christmas, it’s best to avoid ingratitude. The song was “I’m Gonna Be Mad” was written and recorded by Physics Club. The video was shot on the Sony FS700 to make 240fps possible, with lighting coming from a set of gnarly old “Amvona” softboxes that do appear to me to have been smuggled into the country from Russia.

Director Mike Hammari
Producer Mike Hammari
Writer Mike Hammari
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Duncan Rawlings
Daughter Rose Liston
Older Son Josh Madson
Younger Son Noah Jutila
Mother Glynis Liston
Father Jerry Madson
Partygoers Rosalyn Jutila, Jerron Jutila, Sariah DeVard
Other Crew
Locations Melissa Hellewell
Production Assistant Kevin Holmgren