And They Were Sore Afraid

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We shot part of this ridiculous Christmas Barrel sketch out in some desert/wilderness our director Mike Hammari was familiar with, and the other part on a theatrical stage inside of a church (perhaps rather fittingly) in front of a blue screen. I nearly wasn’t able to find the outdoor location in the middle of the night, as my mobile map app led me to stop miles before I was supposed to and wait in the wrong campsite’s parking lot. I was unable to make a call due to lack of service to check whether anyone else was around. I waited an hour and was about to just give up and go home when it occurred to me that maybe I should push on up the road in hopes that there was some other place I was supposed to be. Right guess.

The lights we used for the exterior shots were a string of Christmas twinkle light attached to a few pieces of cardboard, and draped on a C-stand. We ran a couple hundred feet of power cable back to Mike’s car, where they were plugged into an inverter in his cigarette lighter. The lights for the blue screen were a little more traditional 🙂

I was terribly worried that I had wrecked this shoot completely. After we had completely wrapped the exterior shoot, I realized that the internal 1/4 neutral density filter was engaged on my FS700. I had thought everything seemed a bit dark, and had compensated with gain and a wide open, fast lens and Metabones Speedbooster, but I had thought the dimness was a function of having nothing but a strand of Christmas lights plugged into a cigarette lighter for illumination. I think Hammari did an excellent job cleaning up my footage in post.

Director Mike Hammari
Producer Mike Hammari
Writer Mike Hammari
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Mike Hammari
Angel Matthew C. S. Julander
Shepherd 1 Mike Hammari
Shepherd 2 Mark Needle
Other Crew
Compositor Mike Hammari