Not Much of a Wonderland

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We shot the entirety of this delightful little music video on a green screen with my FS700. Our director, Mike Hammari, was the only one who knew how this was really all going to cut together and work with the backgrounds he was going to be adding in post, so I think he did quite well to guide me in placing the lights in such a way that the video would all blend together nicely.

The song was written and performed by a talented musician named Shaun Barrowes. If you’re interested in hearing more of his music, you can check out his YouTube channel here: Shaun Barrowes’ YouTube Channel.

Director Mike Hammari
Producer Mike Hammari
Writer Mike Hammari
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Mike Hammari
Girl Emily Killian
Boy Beto Ruiz
Other Crew
Song by Mike Hammari
Performed by Shaun Barrowes
Casting Assistant Kaliska Day
Associate Producer Richard Marcus