Jew in Choctaw Country – Episode 2

This was the first of the Jew in Choctaw Country series that I worked on. I came in as the gaffer. At the time, I only had a Canon 7D, so in my off moments I used it to snap behind the scenes photos, many of which can be seen in the gallery on this page (and that’s the reason I’m in so few of them :P). The DP had a 7D as well, so we took the shoulder/follow focus rig from mine and attached it to his.

This film isn’t currently available to be seen anywhere. It premiered at the LA Skins Fest and appeared on Comcast’s xfinity channel for a while.

Director Ian Skorodin
Producer Curtis Bridenstine
Writer Ian Skorodin
Director of Photography Philip Collins
Editor Josh VanBuskirk
Moshe Silver Nick Greene
Irv Kupferberg (Present Day) Robert Getter
Aaron Silver Jason Grasl
Irv Kupferberg (Young) Joe Filippone
Lina Hottubee Shayna Jackson
Shirley Hottubbee Tiffany Reynosa
Jonas Jr. Cole Stroud
Other Crew
Co-Producer Patricia Gomes
Gaffer Matthew C. S. Julander
Location Sound Janna R. Lopez Raven
Make Up Carolyn Caruso
1st Assistant Camera Courtney Cottle
Photography Erika Gomez
Production Assistant Victor Salinas
Catering Marlene Marquez