The Beatle Girls

Release Date

This little music video was made for the Los Angeles Young Adults Film Festival of 2008. None of the girls portrayed in it could play their instruments (or in some cases, at least, play them well enough) for the recording, so as I remember one fellow laid down all the various tracks for them. We shot at quite a few locations, as I remember, and went to a lot of trouble to drag the drum kit, guitars, and microphones around with us.

Director Matthew C. S. Julander
Writer Vanessa Falslev
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Matthew C. S. Julander
The Girls Vanessa Falslev, Nikki Forova, Stefani Batson, Vanessa Meneguelli
Male Yoko Bruce Cheng
Ed Sullivan Paul Boswell
Other Crew
Music Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Drew Morgan
Special Thanks Rylinn Bunnage, Andre Rivera, Christianna Sorensen