Want Your Own Star Destroyer?

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I’m currently sitting in a basement in a lovely colonial home in Germantown, Maryland, guests of the older brother of my good friend Max Fitt. The older brother, Todd, is a nuclear reactor tech and father of two with a fantastic hobby: he builds scale models of Star Wars vehicles. We spent last eventing oohing and aahing at his most audacious creation: a 2.5 foot Star Destroyer.

The thing is rediculously detailed. Todd created much of the surface of the thing from his own molds. The inside has an intricate network of fiber-optic lines which start from some central light bulbs and branch out to the surface of the ship. Todd tells me there are over 1600 distinct light along the surface of the hull. When I have a chance, I’ll post some pictures of the thing. For now, here’s a link to his site, showing images not only of the finished Star Destroyer, but also of the process of its creation:



I’ve had a chance to upload photos of my trip to the East, so here are some pictures I snapped of the Star Destroyer, as well as some of his Millenium Falcon, and two other freighters of his own design.

Todd Fitt’s Star Wars Models