The Tea Party

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This short was the brainchild of Kevin Redford, one of the first people I knew and worked with way back in film school. We made it for an online video contest called We shot it with my old Sony FX1 HDV camera that shot only at 30fps and only interlaced (so technically 60i). I still rather like how the lighting turned out in the last shot. I seem to remember having put up a lot more lights, but not liking the result. I turned all but one off and suddenly it looked lovely, so we rolled.

Director Kevin Redford
Writer Kevin Redford
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Kevin Redford
Husband Kevin Redford
Wife Jen Nikolaus
Daughter Emalisse Scott
Other Crew
Composer Daniel James Lee
Special Thanks Laura Redford, Carlon Scott