Neil Simon’s Fools

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This was another bit of community theater I got to participate in. The same crew that produced Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night brought it about. You may notice a trend: I was once again cast as the villain–this time the nefarious Count Gregor Yousekevitch. Cathy Hoyt was once again our illustrious director. Here is the full cast and crew:

Leon Tolchinsky Daniel Goldhamer
Snetsky Michael Lewis
Magistrate Bob Goldhamer
Slovitch Weston Cann
Mishkin Kevin Redford
Yenchna Patricia Goldhamer
Dr. Zubritsky Nicolas Brady
Lenya Zubritsky Maggie Hoyt
Sophia Zubritsky Katie Golden
Gregor Yousekevitch Matthew Stumphy
The Cow John Hoyt
Director Cathy Hoyt
Assistant Director Joshua Tate
Stage Manager John Hoyt
Sound Mark Carey