Skins Sketch – Episode 4

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Skins Sketch, if it wasn’t obvious, is a web series of comedy sketches written and produced by Native Americans. The introductory music was provided by Well Hung Heart. A special thanks goes out to Hamilton High School in Los Angeles, California, that let us keep shooting in their classrooms and offices. We needed to be especially thankful for this episode, as we poured coffee all over our actor’s head and therefore the surrounding during this sketch. Check out the behind the scenes photos, you’ll see our director Ian Skorodin going it bare-chested because he was the one actually pouring the coffee and didn’t want to destroy his shirt from the back-splash.

Director Ian Skorodin
Producer Curtis Bridenstine, Ian Skorodin
Writer Keith Saltojanes
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Infomercial Pitchman Jason Grasl
Co-Worker Ross Crain
Office Manager Kelsey Bohlen
Other Crew
Co-Producer Patricia Gomes
Location Sound Janna R. Lopez Raven