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This Christmas Barrel music video was an attempt at a parody of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”, where we didn’t even bother rewriting the song. I wish we had had a camera with far more substantial dynamic range than my poor Canon 7D. I foolishly advised our director of photography that in the real music video, everything appeared to be a little overexposed, not realizing that this camera simply wouldn’t be able to handle the highlights and would blow out. Live and learn. I guess we fixed it by adding a lot of contrast and desaturating like crazy in post. In any case, I had little to do with actually shooting this thing, as I was busy dancing around in front of the camera. Can you guess which Christmas creature I played?

Director Mike Hammari
Producer Mike Hammari
Writer Mike Hammari
Director of Photography Duncan Rawlings
Santa Mike Hammari
Elf Martha Howe
Easter Bunny Corey Neville
Morph Suit Thing Matthew C. S. Julander