Krampus Uncovered

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This is the first of our “On Point with Todd Zestermann” episodes and our most popular Christmas Barrel movie. We shot this on my Canon 7D for the most part (one shot was done with my iPhone). I imagine part of the reason this sketch has a few more views on YouTube than some of the others is that people accidentally found it when the Krampus feature film was in theaters, but I still think it’s one of our funnier projects.

For the next On Point with Todd Zestermann, watch The Feast of St. Thomas Uncovered.

Director Mike Hammari
Producer Mike Hammari
Writer Mike Hammari
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Mike Hammari
Todd Zesterman Collin Mapp
Greta Julie Hinton
Professor Frank Jancy Mike Hammari
Fresno Dad Jason Stout
Fresno Mom Lisa Bramwell Stout
Other Crew
Compositor Mike Hammari
Gaffer/Camera Operator Stephanie Ollerton