I’m So So Sorry, Santa

On the web https://youtu.be/pk4y1yG9fsE
Release Date

Considered by many to be one of our more warped videos on Christmas Barrel, this music video features music and a head from a guy called Dan Riley, and the body of a little girl named Lux. Mike Hammari provided the sometimes rudimentary compositing, and suddenly we have a very creepy little boy apologizing to Santa Claus for a year of misdeeds. I handled the camera and lighting, using my Sony FS700 and Lowel lighting kit.

Director Mike Hammari
Producer Mike Hammari
Writer Dan Riley
Director of Photography Matthew C. S. Julander
Editor Mike Hammari
Little Boy's Head Dan Riley
Little Boy's Body Lux
Other Crew
Compositor Mike Hammari
Composer Dan Riley
Keyboard Player Gary Fukushima
Guitar Dan Cole
Bass Player Dan Riley
Drums Matt Bogdanow