Category: Art

  • SAG Awards, 2016 – People Magazine Photo Booth

    My old dear friend Pete got me a job as a lighting tech working for photographer Dani Brubaker, who was in turn hired by People Magazine to shoot their photo booth at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards. These are the photos we shot.   We spent all day putting together a rather complex lighting… Read more »

  • Guerrilla Gallery: “Hiding”

    A couple of artist buddies of mine wanted to put on an art show. Not having any access to a building to use as a gallery posed no problem. They simply invaded the pedestrian tunnel under Olympic Boulevard at Selby Avenue in West Los Angeles. Kenny (one of the buddies) had me drop in with… Read more »

  • Want Your Own Star Destroyer?

    I’m currently sitting in a basement in a lovely colonial home in Germantown, Maryland, guests of the older brother of my good friend Max Fitt. The older brother, Todd, is a nuclear reactor tech and father of two with a fantastic hobby: he builds scale models of Star Wars vehicles. We spent last eventing oohing… Read more »

  • Late Night Worker

    I just got a Canon 7D, and got to put it through its paces working on a little movie called “Late Night Worker.” You can view the movie here. The thing was conceived of and directed by a guy named Kenny McNett. You can check our more of his shenanigans over at his website at… Read more »